Regulatory Management: Maximizing Efficiency Through Best Process

The global regulatory landscape is constantly changing, and the increasing volume and complexity of regulations presents new challenges for manufacturers in regulatory management. Non-compliance can cause significant repercussions for any organization.

Developing a controlled regulatory management process will lead to a number of benefits; minimizing risk exposure and capturing business opportunities, while reducing costs. It will also allow organizations to manufacture and sell products with a longer regulatory compliance lifespan.

This eBook shares best practice knowledge in implementing a process approach to regulatory compliance management under these main points:

  • Why take a ‘process’ approach?
  • What is a regulatory compliance process?
  • Costs to not having a regulatory compliance process
  • The role of risk and who owns it


Author: Karl Dowling, Head of Regulatory Process Consulting

Karl Dowling has over twenty years’ experience leading quality and compliance process improvement initiatives. He has worked with Compliance & Risks for seven years helping world-leading industrial and consumer brands improve their regulatory compliance management.

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