Global Growth of Regulations by Subject

Compliance & Risks are experts in tracking new and changing regulations for our clients on a worldwide basis. This Global Growth of Regulations Chart generated from C2P, the compliance knowledge management platform, shows the growth of regulations by subject from 2003 to 2018 across topics such as batteries, climate change, packaging, product safety, energy and waste.


Legislative developments are monitored in over 200 countries, and C2P is then populated with both proposed and enacted laws and regulations. The information is fed into the platform in a structured and easily accessible format, delivering prompt and timely alerts on global regulatory developments. As C2P now contains over 30,000 regulations and associated documents, our clients are kept up-to-date with the ever-changing compliance landscape. This number continues to increase rapidly in line with the worldwide growth of regulations.

Tracking this constant global growth of legislation, we know the challenges our clients face in dealing with the ever-increasing volume.

If you would like to see a chart illustrating the Global Growth of Regulations by Region, please click here.


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