Companies Reported for Failure to Comply with Chemicals Legislation

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has published a report confirming that it has forwarded the details of 16 companies to prosecutors for failing to comply with Swedish chemical controls.

The report focuses on a review of 19 companies with respect to their compliance with substance restrictions under the:

  • REACH Regulation
  • POP Regulation RoHS Directive
  • Toys Directive
  • Packaging Directive, and
  • Certain phthalates subject to the information requirement in Article 33 of the REACH Regulation

261 products were tested. The majority of these were electrical goods, and the balance consisted of sporting goods and toys. 23% were found to contain substances above permitted limit values. Out of the 19 companies reviewed, 16 were found to be non-compliant and were notified to the environmental inspector.

The most common violation detected was the presence of lead in soldering in electrical and electronic goods. The second most common violation was the presence of short-chain chlorinated paraffins, an environmentally hazardous substance that is also suspected of being carcinogenic, in certain soft plastics.  


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